Working on multiple projects can be hard. At some point, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of everything 😵‍💫 💡 Which brilliant idea did I had last week? 🧀 Have I already bought cheese? ⭐️ What is the deadline again for the feature? With7todosyou can get an overview of all your tasks across workspaces at once. And with the intelligent filters, you can switch between different workspaces and tasks.

You can also add tags to your tasks, which makes searching a lot easier. 7todos also offers a feature to share workspaces with others so you can work on tasks with your team or partner you can simply share your space with them. If you like to be organized and on top of everything, you can use it as a powerful task manager, work as a team and connect it with Zapier to automate your workflow (automatically create tasks based on Github, Jira, Google Calendar, and more!). Let7todoshelp you to get an overview of all your tasks ⚡️


With 7todos, you can quickly and easily move between your different projects without losing focus





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