Affiliate Booster - WordPress Plugin to Boost Affiliate Sales

Boost your affiliate articles’ CTR with awesome Gutenberg designs.

Affiliate Booster.

Monetize Your Affiliate Websites “Faster and Easier” without using Expensive and Heavy Page-Builders.

Includes28 Pre-Made Gutenberg Blocksto create stunning designs with ease.

Affiliate Booster is a Gutenberg plugin that helps you optimize your blog posts for conversion. Increase your CTR and improve your sales using professionally designed Pros and Cons block, notice block, notification block, call to action, and buttons with gradients.

Choose pre-designed blocks that speed up the process of affiliate website building with easy-to-use settings and customizations.

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Hammer out all the details of your interactive agenda way before the meeting to save your team’s time!

With hours of video meetings, Zoom fatigue is all too real.

With Yabbu, you can deal with your agenda items prior to the meeting, saving everyone time and preventing hours of video fatigue.

You can easily send an action-oriented agenda by going through a few simple steps.

Yabbu lets you automatically save all meeting-related data in one place.

Yabbu lets you keep track of all your meeting materials in one place, so nothing ever slips through the cracks.

You’ll have access to all the (pre-)meeting communication, tasks, decisions, documents, and auto-generated minutes.

And because all participants have time to think and contribute to the agenda, Yabbu actually fosters team collaboration and encourages a diversity of perspectives.

With Yabbu, you can easily set roles for the meeting admin, participators, and co-reading teams.

Yabbu is a mobile-first application that allows you to participate in meetings wherever you are.

Yabbu lets your team communicate before the meeting, so they can reflect, structure their thoughts, and bring their A-game from anywhere.

Create accountability by assigning agenda items and tasks to participants before the meeting, ensuring that everyone knows their role once it takes place.

Yabbu gives you everything you need to manage concise and productive meetings, so you can say goodbye to hours of wasted company time.

Create team accountability by assigning tasks and recording decisions during and after the meeting

Thanks to Yabbu, you can keep everyone on your team on the same page, without dealing with time-consuming administrative hassles.

Best of all, everything is perfectly documented, so you won’t lose track of anyone’s ideas.

This way, all your meetings will be exactly like the perfect potato chip: short and crisp.

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