aikontent automates blog promotion and boosts audience engagement on social media. Most of us don’t have enough time to create new content and post regularly to all social media channels. But when we stop posting – the engagement drops, our leads forget about us and we not only become invisible to them but also irrelevant. This is where aikontent plays a key role by automatically building a series of social media posts and filling any gaps in the marketing calendar with relevant, optimized content. aikontent uses AI and Machine Learning to scan your blog posts and detect content and images that will work well on your social media platforms. It also finds hashtags that increase exposure. The content is combined into a drip campaign that lasts for 12 months. You can always review the campaign content and make edits as required. Each post that aikontent shares on social media includes a link back to your blog post to drive traffic back to your site. Get lifetime access today!


Aikontent applies drip campaigns to social media. It also leverages Evergreen Content to share posts consistently





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