Build an audience on Twitter and grow your startup

Build an audience on Twitter and grow your startup. Startup founders can now grow on Twitter by using AirKrakento schedule threads, engage with their favorite users, and DM new followers. AirKraken creates a custom schedule for every userso they can focus on writing tweets. But if you want to schedule at a specific time, users can do that too. 🙂 One of the most important features of AirKraken is the engagement section, which is a proven mechanism to grow your following fast. You can either engage with a predefined topic if you don’t know which users to engage with, or you can build your own lists that you can use at any time. AirKraken also keeps track of a list of your new followersso you can quickly DM them. This helps you get the conversation started to build a real relationship with your followers. It just got much easier to grow your following on Twitter. Start using AirKraken to 10x your Twitter following the right way!


Best for: Anyone who wants to better use Twitter to 10x their following the right way







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