Answerly Banner

A quick-to-setup widget that lets you notify your website visitors about your latest developments

Answerly Banneris a widget you can install anywhere on your website to deliver quick and essential updates about your visitors or your business.


It also comes with limitless visual configurations, including changing all visible colors, shadows, and fonts


Not convinced? Give us a free trial for 7 days and see what all the hyper is about!

Create multiple banner widgets, target visitors with our no-brainer targeting system, and use dynamic variables to greet customers by their name or show a vital piece of information, such as their order status. You can make the Answerly Banner widget feel like it’s part of your website or dashboard. Our widget has many personalization features you can use that will make it feel like home when it shows up on your website.

Work in every color of the rainbow using our comprehensive color studio.

But that’s not all! Our banner widget comes with limitless visual configurations. You can tailor the banner widget’s looks, including changing all visible colors, shadows, and fonts, so your visitors won’t even know it’s a third-party widget.

Visual interest is everything, after all.

You can use any font or change any font size. Inside the Answerly dashboard, you have a list of 200+ top famous fonts to choose from. You can choose the font sizes as well.

Instant embed is a real game-changing feature as well.

Target visitors with variables from your website. With variables from your website, you can add conditions, so the banner widget shows only to specific visitors or customers. You can create, edit, delete banner widgets using the Answerly API. Create your API key, follow the intuitive API docs, and get going within a minute!

Track your banner performance using easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Don’t just guess if the widget is effective! You can go to the reports section in the dashboard and see how each banner widget is performing. Answerly Banner supports dynamic content through variables. Inside the banner widget, you can use any variable from your website to create a very personalized and dynamic message. Get access to Answerly Banner now!

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    All future Pro Plan updates

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  • 60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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