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The best email templates to grow your business relationships


Luckily, after sending thousands of emails in the last decade, we at Sumo Group know our way around an inbox.

Want the secret to great emails for any business scenario, with real-world examples to back them?

Time to open Million-Dollar Email Templates.

Access dozens of email templates that Sumo Group and its associates have used to great success over the past 10 years

Learn how to craft emails that actually get opened and increase response rates
Discover Chief Sumo Noah Kagan’s favorite email hacks that get you the responses you want


Million-Dollar Email Templates is an ebook of 30 email scripts used and curated by Sumo and AppSumo to help develop business and client relationships.

You want templates, you got ’em—Million-Dollar Email Templates will teach you how to make dollars out of sends.

Take a look at our most effective emails, whether you’re making e-introductions, cold emailing prospects, negotiating rates, and so much more.

This is your golden playbook, and you’ll be able to quickly reference it to cruise through any email communication like a 7-figure skater.

Just be sure to shout us out when you pop up on TechCrunch and LifeHacker (email templates included).

Included email templates cover everything from e-introductions to follow-ups for cold emails!

But this ebook doesn’t just give you the templates—it also covers how and why these templates set you apart.

The key takeaways are listed right under the template, so you’ll have all the information you need to craft your own excellent email.

Plus, the takeaways also tell you how to tweak the templates to your specific situation, so you won’t be guesstimating what will and won’t work.

Long story short: these instructions are way easier than anything Ikea’s ever made (albeit with less Nordic flair).

Each template comes with key takeaways listed right below, so you know how to change it to your circumstances!

You’ve got a power player in your corner, too.

Chief Sumo Noah Kagan breaks down his favorite email hacks to help you craft better emails and boost response rates.

Browse through entertaining examples of bad emails to avoid, as well as success stories straight from the Sumo’s mouth.

All of them focus on one thing: helping you understand how to get the responses you want, from the people you want. Take Noah’s 10+ years of experience and add it to your own.

Email hacks from Chief Sumo Noah Kagan will show you how to communicate for the best results.

If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer who’s ready to take your emails to the next level, this ebook is for you.

You’ll get templates for not only the first phase of contact, but also  follow-ups, big asks, and referrals.

These are tried-and-true methods that we’ve used to develop Sumo and AppSumo through marketing and business know-how.

We’re confident that Million-Dollar Email Templates will help get your brand to the big leagues, because these emails are exactly how we did it.

Million-Dollar Email Templates will help entrepreneurs and marketers make their brand the next big thing.

Stand on the shoulders of email giants, or, in this case, get a piggyback from a Sumo (whee!).

Million-Dollar Email Templates is brimming with all the lessons we’ve learned from sending thousands of emails for over a decade.

This is your chance to drastically improve every email outcome, and as per usual, you can’t beat our cost-performance value.

Get free access to Million-Dollar Email Templates today!

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