Audiencer helps Facebook advertisers uncover interests to target with their ads

Audiencer solves 3 main Facebook advertising problems.

The first being that the Ads Manager is limited to only 25 results,usually the broadest unrelated keywords you can target.

Audiencer, on the other hand, has no limitationsby using the Marketing API to pull all the interests for the search term.

Secondly, lack of creativity on the advertisers side: many times, as an advertiser, you don’t even know where to start with your targeting.

Audiencer solves this problem by crunching over 360K data points to find the ones that match your nicheso that most times you only need to tell Audiencer what niche you’re in, and you get hundreds of suggestions right off the bat.

Last up is the time required— with the regular methods (going to audience insights, checking interests, seeing if they’re targetable, copying them to notepad files) it takes a lot of time.

Audiencer makes the job take only a few minutes!You search, find your interests, save them to a bucket and off you go.

If you want to take your targeting game to the next level, take action now.

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