BotSpice - Conversational AI Chatbot

Create custom AI chatbots with BotSpice.

Create custom AI chatbots with BotSpice. The Chatbot revolution is here!Having a chatbot that can talk to your customer online is key to your brand’s success and future growth. BotSpice scales quite easily and can handle hundreds of conversations at a time. With an AI & NLP engine, BotSpice is the perfect candidate for handling complex flows and human-like conversations. • 24/7 Customer Support • Self-learning conversation chatbot • Complete flow & design customization • Bots in Different Languages & Time Zones • Seamless Integrations • Flexibility and Control Some applications that will leave you amazed: – Online Food Ordering – Setup Appointments & Reminders – HR Onboarding & Recruitment – Healthcare & Medical Chatbot – Book Hotels, Restaurants, Airplane Tickets, etc. Networking & Legal – Virtual Assistant Chatbot – Events Invitation & Assistance – Front Desk Operations – E-Conversational Learning Get access to BotSpice today!


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