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doqs Put an end to tedious PDF form filling Put an end to tedious PDF form filling!Use doqs to fill out tax forms, insurance applications, bank account openings, and many more types of documents. A simple, developer friendly API for filling out PDFs Add a PDF

IO Technologies IO Technologies is a web-analytics platform that measures real-time article engagement and traffic IO Technologies is a web-analytics platform that measures article engagement and traffic data in real time. A web analytics platform that measure

Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly Protect your WordPress site against hacker bots and spammers If your site is on WordPress, hacker bots can scoop up your vulnerable data like it’s the last piece of pumpkin pie in a communal fridge. ( Huh, so it’s the season

InsecureWeb – Plus exclusive Protect your company and clients from cyberattacks & ensure your business data isn’t in the Dark Web This is an exclusive version of InsecureWeb only available to AppSumo Plus members. A cybersecurity & IT tool that’s offering 4500

Mandatly Achieve 100% cookie compliance across major global privacy standards in minutes Between GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, keeping up with today’s privacy laws will make anyone yearn for simpler times. ( Back in my day, we only had to know the YMCA. ) The re

MonSpark Monitor the performance and functionality of your website with real-time notifications Your website is the bread and butter of your brand, so tracking its performance can feel like a full-time job. ( Sorry, I can’t go out tonight. I have to check

Privasee – GDPR Essentials Privasee is an AI-powered GDPR compliance solution that lets you forget spending money with lawyers Do you run a business that uses third-party tools in your day to day?Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, salesperson or agency, a

RecoverXData RecoverXData helps recover lost data from computer hard drives, external drives, and more RecoverXData is a professional and easy-to-use data recovery software.It recovers lost data from computers, hard drives, external drives, and more. RecoverXD

Sweephy No-code data cleaning as a service – if you can use Excel, you can clean your company data Don’t waste your time coding to clean and analyze company data.What is the solution?Clean data is important.For companies, it means better customer outreach, eff