Smart design starts with a blueprint. Claritee is a blueprint builder for digital design projects.

We’ve pushed wireframing into a new era. Welcome to Blueprints.

Use blueprints to visualize and collaborate on the design layout, content, and functionality at the start of your design process.

Making blueprints is easy:

  1. Set up your pages & hierarchy with the sitemap builder
  2. Drag-and-drop from recommended components, add sections, images, texts, and interactive elements.
  3. Preview the site with working buttons and links between pages

Digital design is complicated:

By rapidly assembling blueprints, you can speed up and simplify the design process, in many ways:

  • Create a working model in minutes:
  • Gain clarity about the essential elements of your design
  • Rapidly test & gather feedback
  • Do copy and content before design
  • Collaborate with non-designers and stakeholders

Claritee turns design into a company-wide activity.

The best tools start off as just a better way to solve a problem. But as you use them, you uncover a new way of thinking. We believe Claritee is such a tool.


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