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ARE YOU DREAMING OF A BUSINESS THAT RUNS ITSELF? Then CloneDeskmight be the answer. CloneDesk lets you define checklists and complex called blueprints that add a string of tasks and delegate them to your team. With these processes you make sure that: πŸ‘‰ Work is done according to your standards πŸ‘‰ You are not reliant on individual team members as you store how things are done πŸ‘‰ Your team is more efficient πŸ‘‰ Your team makes less mistakes EXAMPLES TO USE CLONEDESK πŸ’‘ Client Onboarding πŸ’‘ Worker Briefing πŸ’‘ Campaign Setup πŸ’‘ Campaign Monitoring πŸ’‘ Text Production πŸ’‘ Updates & Maintenance πŸ’‘ IT Ticket πŸ’‘ Design Ticket πŸ’‘ Candidate Screening πŸ’‘ Employee Onboarding CloneDesk is designed especially for agencies that do the same things for various different clients – and use freelancers to do the actual work. The good thing is: Your freelancers will only see the information you want them to see. Designers see the style guide. Texters see words to be used. Your managers see the complete picture. What are you waiting for? Systematize your business and gain more freedom.





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