Use DataVault to share, track, and analyze pitch decks, business proposals and branded deal rooms

Simplified collaboration with security, control and insights – solved.

DataVault allows secure and organized access to your files in one sleek workspace for your team, customers and investors with full data analytics.

Collaborate with your team to share sales and marketing decks or business proposal with just a link in 30 seconds.

Learn which prospect opened it, how many pages they read or if they downloaded or shared it. Know exactly how each of your deals is progressing, who you should follow up with, and with what context.

Improve the effectiveness of your materials and increase your sales. Get an edge in your conversations by knowing which parts of your proposals are most interesting to your customers.


DataVault allows secure and organized access to your files in one sleek workspace
Track documents and enable sales with a simple but powerful software solution


Secure smart data sharing platform for everyone.

With DataVault, you can work with files and data more efficiently than with Dropbox or Google Drive. With a single link, you can easily share your virtual data room and revoke access when needed.

To extend access to a new group, simply create a new link and send it. Accesses can be defined and limited, or expiration dates can be set.

Know what’s being viewed

We are no longer stuck with scattered content across emails and chat messengers. You can see which content is being viewed by whom thanks to real-time analytics.

By tracking your shared data page-by-page, you can prepare yourself well in advance to work wisely and efficiently.

Find out which pages are most popular and least popular by filtering analytics.

Made for teams, loved by stakeholders and customers

DataVault was designed with everyone in mind. With a centralized hub for data-driven collaboration, you’ll always have the latest version at your fingertips.

Manage and share data with external users without sacrificing security.

Share unlimited documents with just 1 link via Vaults

Create up to 5 custom-branded Vaults with your own folder structure.

You can easily share your vaults with just a link. It is not necessary for viewers to register in order to view your data.

You don’t have to resend links or files when you update documents since these are synced in real-time. You will receive analytics for each document in your vault.

Create awesome branded deal rooms (Vaults) with unlimited files that contain everything your prospects need to choose you over your competitors – with easy access and sharing.

Categorize every recipient and view the full relationship history with an integrated contact management system.

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