Digital Marketing Toolkit

A step-by-step course for understanding all the essential tools you have at your disposal

Having a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business is essential – you know that – but how do you get started with the process? The Digital Marketing Management Toolkit is a step-by-step course for understanding all the essential tools you have at your disposal. From knowing SEO to the Social Media Channels available to Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Planning, you will get the full picture before committing to waste money and time. And don’t worry about searching for tools and best practices – sections are designed to give you also an overview of the best available out there to help you be a better Marketer. Digital Marketing Management Toolkit includes the following sections: Digital Campaign Planning Toolbox Content Marketing Social Media Marketing: a Strategic View After the course, you will be able not only to perform essential Digital Marketing tasks but also to interface successfully with all the teams around you: To Plan, Create, Measure, and Execute your Digital Marketing Plan correctly. There’s no better way to get your Marketing Strategy prepared then you knowing exactly what is out there and how to use it. Ready to learn? Get lifetime access to Digital Marketing Management for Small Business today!




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