Excel Essentials Course

Over 5 hours of content that covers everything from the basics up to advanced concepts on Excel.

Ben walks you through his custom cheat C-O-D-E to unlocking your inner Excel ninja. M0: Introduction & Setup – What is Excel, what options should I use, who is Ben, creating your first spreadsheet, and overall course structure. M1: Creativity & Complexity – How to think like a spreadsheet and plan your Excel documents in advance. Early tools for Excel success including Date & Time functions and formatting techniques. M2: Objective & Outputs – Here we focus on thinking about the output of your Excel spreadsheets and what you’re trying to get out of them. Also covers Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables, Reporting & Math Functions. M3: Data & Drivers – The inputs for your model and how to drive towards the output you want. Also covers Lookup & Reference Functions, Data Validation, and Tables. M4: Error-Proofing & Explanation – Making sure your spreadsheets are bullet-proof and easy to explain to others. Includes Logical Functions, Text Manipulation Functions, and Macros!





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