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We provide two different types of verification credits:

Lifetime Credits: These are the credits that never expire. You can use these credits whenever you want and keep them on the account as long as you want. However, these type of credits does not renew automatically unless you purchase them again.

Daily Credits: The daily credits are the credits that renew/reset everyday for as long as subscribed. When both types of credits exist, the daily credits will be used first. For the AppSumo customers, the allocated credits will renew/reset everyday for the lifetime.

The lifetime credits are not capped by the daily credits limit. One credit means one successful verification. Unknown results get automatically refunded.

Single Email Validation – Verify and get all the details of any email address.

Single email validation will allow you to verify an email address quickly from the dashboard. You can get details information on any email address instantly. The following validations are performed for both single and bulk email validation:

  • MTA Validation of Domain.
  • SMTP Validation of Individual Address.
  • Dynamic Disposable/Temporary Email Detection.
  • MX record extraction and validation.
  • Individual inbox status detection.
  • Role account detection.

We provide full details so you can understand the precise condition of each email address.

Bulk Email Validation – Upload your email list and verify them all together.

Our email verification system will allow you to verify the list of email addresses in two ways.

Direct Submission: You can simply copy-paste the list of your email addresses on the web application. Your provided email addresses will be verified one by one within minutes. After the verification, you will get the full report and will be able to download the results in CSV/Excel file.

File Upload: You can also upload your CSV file directly to our web app. The provided file will be validated automatically while keeping the original columns and rows unchanged. Some new columns will be added with all the necessary verification details.

Results Analysis – Get the full report of bulk validation and download results.

An in-depth analysis report will be shown on the task page, where you can find statistical details of the emails from different categories. You will be able to find out, what percentage of emails are safe, and what percentage of emails are not safe.

The result download section will be available once the verification completes. The email lists are segmented automatically based on the status of individual email addresses. You can download emails of a specific status, or you can download them all together.

API Key – Create and manage multiple API keys with a few clicks.

We provide API support with two different modes.

The QUICK mode can verify and email within 0.5 seconds. Which makes it ideal for verifying the email of your customers during their registration without keeping them waiting. On the other hand, the POWER mode can provide an in-depth analysis of an email address.

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  • Lifetime access to Reoon Email Verifier Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Reoon Email Verifier Daily Credits Plan updates

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