GoodApp is a self-improvement suite with 20+ apps in one & can help you become a better version of yourself

Welcome to digital wellness that can help you use your mobile phone in a better way.

GoodApp’s mission is to help you become a better version of yourself. It is a self-improvement tool with more than 20 apps all in one appcarefully crafted to add value in your life.

Productivity Suite:Helps you focus more and work efficiently. It includes, to-do, focus sound, and pomodoro

Self-Improvement:Set of tools to improve your personal and professional life. It includes a habit builder, journal, and task dashboard

Digital Wellness:Our unique solution to use your phone carefully

Notification Assistant:Includes screen reminders and an app blocker

Stress Buster:Helps you to calm yourself and live in the present. It includes a unique game, relaxation music, deep breathing exercises, and background sound

Motivation Punch:It includes positive affirmation and motivation quotes

Fun with English:Brain games to improve memory, focus, and vocabulary

Knowledge bytes:Interesting facts, general knowledge, and what is today – learn something new everyday

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Best for: Kids and adults wanting to become the best version of themselves





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