Great Questions

If you struggle to think of thoughtful questions when put on the spot. Great Questions can help you.

As an entrepreneur, no one teaches you how to ask great questions in a conversation. You’re told to be yourself, be curious, and be genuine. Yeah… but how?! What should you say at a networking event, on a podcast interview, or with a client? Most free questions online don’t help as they’re too generic and don’t teach you: – How to structure the conversation – How to build trust – How to advance your relationship with the other person. That is why I created Great Questions. It’s a straightforward guide with 44 ready to use questions perfect for any conversation. You will: – Feel more confident when networking – Communicate your value as an entrepreneur – Build a stronger relationship Whether you are on a podcast interview, at a networking event, or chatting over coffee. Having ready to use questions removes the stress of having to think on the spot. And helps you feel confident in any conversation! Great relationships start with Great Questions! FAQs Why should I have ready-to-use questions? Most people struggle with asking thoughtful questions when put on the spot. Do you help us role play and practice asking these questions? Future support includes: A free monthly workshop to practice asking these questions while receiving immediate feedback.



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