How to Launch a Book Course

Uncover all the tips and info you need to have a successful book launch

Identify your book goals, positioning, and audience with Scribe co-founder, Zach Obront

Get started right away with simple templates that help you create an action plan
Learn how to get book reviews, plus uncover the details of media coverage and paid promotion


The “How to Launch a Book” course shows you how to effectively market your book, with insights into positioning, audience, paid promotion, and more.

The first thing you’ll find in this book launch course is how to define your own success.

Once you know what you’re working toward, you can use those goals to figure out the steps you need to get there.

Next you’ll discover how to identify your audience and determine your positioning for a high-level action plan.

This is all laid out for you with easy-to-understand templates, so you can have a specific, concrete foundation for your launch.

Use helpful templates to dive in right away and quickly define your goals and audience!

The meat of the course will guide you through the five pillars of a successful book launch: Audience, Center of Influence, Reviewers, Media, and Paid Promotions.

You’ll get modules for each pillar to make sure you’ve got a handle on all of them before moving on.

Plus, the course is taught by Scribe co-founder and Head of Author Marketing, Zach Obront, so you know you’re in great hands.

This multifaceted course hits all the major sales influences, giving you all the tools to take your book to the next level. (We’re talking top-shelf.)


Learn, implement, and execute the five major pillars of a successful book launch!

Whether you’ve got a gripping memoir or a manifesto on Facebook marketing, your book needs a boost to get it in front of as many people as possible.

No matter how great the book’s content is, marketing is key. (After all, you’re competing for people’s attention in a world with both Netflix and smartphones.)

Start planning weeks in advance of your launch with specific action items designed to make an impact, like posting on social media and creating an email list.

This course will make sure you give your book baby the best chance to find, and keep, a readership.

Create detailed calendars with specific action items weeks ahead of your launch!

If you took the time to write a book, chances are you want people to actually read it. (Unlike letters to your ex—those must never see the light of day.)

The “How to Launch a Book” course helps you set goals and achieve them by showing you the ins and outs of positioning, media coverage, paid promotion, and much more.

So don’t turn your launch into a flop.

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