How to Use SEO Data to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to build a content plan and publish winning topics with the help of SEO data

Good content ideas are hard to find. (“I went on Pinterest for inspiration and now I’m planning my dog’s wedding.”)

One of the best ways to find topics that your audience actually cares about is to use SEO data to uncover what they look for most often on search engines.

Ready to stop all the guessing games and deliver the exact content people are looking for?

Learn how with How to Use SEO Data to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Discover how to find content ideas with the highest demand and lowest search competition

Learn which of your older content pieces are worth updating and repurposing
Find out how to create content that is equally adapted to human users and search engines


How to Use SEO Data to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy is an ebook that helps you leverage SEO data to identify winning content topics and present them in a search-friendly way.

Table of Contents

How to Use SEO Data lets you fast-track your creative process by using SEO techniques to find topics that are popular queries on search engines like Google.

Once you find the popular search terms (aka keywords), you’ll be able to create and serve content that definitely interests your target audience.

This ebook is a comprehensive guide that offers  detailed instructions on how to use SEO data to find new content ideas and improve existing content.

Keyword research

Once you’ve found your content ideas, you’ve got to decide what type of content you’ll create. (And no, they can’t all be Twitter haikus.)

How to Use SEO Data guides you through the process of mapping different content types to the search intent.

You’ll learn how to use guides, listicles, YouTube videos, and downloadables to satisfy each type of intent and get those leads rollin’ in.

Match content type to search intent

Now it’s time to actually write the content and distribute it across channels, so you can get the right eyes on your brand.

The ebook shows you how to use keywords properly, format your content so it’s readable, and optimize for key HTML tags.

But if no one sees your content, was it ever really there?* (*ancient proverb from archived Myspace pages)

Luckily, you won’t have to find out. Through this guide, you’ll  discover all the different channels you can use to effectively distribute your content.

Personal and brand accounts

In today’s online marketplace, you have to compete with all of Google, not just one or two local businesses. (Otherwise, you could use old-fashioned smear campaigns and be done with it.)

If you want the best chance of being found by your ideal customers, you need to learn the basics of SEO.

How to Use SEO Data is a user-friendly guide for discovering popular content topics and creating the type of content your audience wants to read.

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