IdeaPlan is the all-in-one toolfor roadmaps, product announcements, collecting ideas, and aligning all users to a single vision. Entrepreneurs, startup teams, and product managers use IdeaPlan to build & customize product roadmaps, announce product updates & news, collect ideas directly from customers, and launch features that customers love. Create, publish, and embed product roadmaps.Within IdeaPlan, you can create external and internal roadmaps to easily keep your stakeholders and customers up-to-date with what you’re working on. IdeaPlan helps you announce product updates and link them directly to roadmap deliverables that are completed. You can publish product news you want to notify your users about. Your users can submit and vote on ideas, which allows you to collect valuable feedback directly from your customers. The IdeaPlan dashboard to manage new ideas, comments from internal and external users. Access IdeaPlan today and align your roadmap with customer feedback!


Create, publish, and embed product roadmaps



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