Create gamified marketing content that boosts engagement and captures more leads

It’s hard to grow your brand when your marketing content is as overdone as sitcom holiday specials. (“Oh look, it’s the one where they’re most thankful for each other. *eye roll*)

You know that creating interactive content is key to maximizing user engagement, but you don’t have the expertise to make exciting games that attract more leads.

If only there was a platform that powered everything, from content gamification to lead generation and data management.

Meet Interacty.


Turn branded marketing content into interactive games, contests, and quizzes using simple templates
Integrate lead forms into gamified content and connect your CRM for seamless data collection


Interacty is a gamification platform that helps you create interactive content to supercharge engagement and collect more leads.

Interacty is packed with easy-to-use templates that let you build classic games like puzzles, trivia, and hidden objects.

You can also design quizzes and slideshows, or mix things up with interactive horoscopes and personality tests to engage even more users.

Turn games into friendly competitions by adding timers and leaderboards, and give out prizes and discount codes.

Best of all, you’ll be able to create imaginative, multi-level games that keep users hooked on your brand for longer.

Content options

Interacty lets you create the kind of online games that your users will love to play.

You can build your interactive game in minutes using content blocks that can be fully customized with the design editor.

Add static elements like images, text, and YouTube videos to enhance your gamified content and even insert your company logo to increase brand awareness.

Interacty integrates with Unsplash so you can access thousands of free images, or simply upload your own photos.

Once your game is live, you’ll be able to embed it on your website and use the shareable link to post it on social media.

Design editor

Customize static and interactive content blocks using the flexible design editor.

Interacty even lets you integrate lead forms directly in your game, so collecting customer information is a seamless part of the experience.

You can view stats on each game and download lead lists with just one click, keeping track of everything right from the dashboard.

Plus, integrations with marketing tools like Mailchimp allow you to send leads directly to your existing CRM.

Lead forms

Generate leads with interactive content forms that integrate with your CRM.

You can create awesome content with a template gallery loaded with ideas for game concepts to meet any business need.

Since all the templates work across desktop, tablet, and mobile, you can provide your users with an enjoyable gaming experience.

Plus, you’ll be able to invite colleagues to collaborate on individual projects to create unique workspaces that allow you to get more done.

Template gallery

Dozens of game and quiz templates will fuel inspiration for your next brilliant idea.

Your content could be the next thing to go viral—but not if you’re sticking to the same old cookie cutter PDFs. (“Are you sure we’re ready for Helvetica? Seems risky.”)

Interacty gives you the tools to design interactive games, quizzes, and slideshows, so you can engage users and collect more leads.

Gamify your marketing content.

Get lifetime access to Interacty today!

Plans & features

Deal terms & conditions
  • Lifetime access to Interacty

  • All future Professional Plan updates

  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 4 license tiers

  • Available for new Interacty users and returning AppSumo purchasers

  • Previous AppSumo customers who purchased Interacty can upgrade their license to increase their feature limits.

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Features included in all plans
  • Full customization

  • Basic statistics

  • Translations

  • Ad-free

  • Google analytics

  • Mailchimp integration

  • Lead collection form

  • Full design customization

  • Templates gallery

  • All blocks

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