Knowledge Assistant

Store, transcribe, clip, and share your video assets while making them searchable and engaging

Unlock the true potential of your video assets to train, teach, collaborate, and support, powered by advances in search, speech, and video processing technology.

Whether it’s important sales calls, demos, recruiting interviews, team meetings, online training, or events,Knowledge Assistant makes it easier for you to build a one-stop searchable video hub.

Easily upload/import your videos into your private video portal and share them with anyone. In addition,save up to 50% of your Zoom cloud storage cost.

Effortlessly make your videos fully searchable, so anyone can instantly find and jump to precise moments within your videos with simple keyword searches.

Bring your videos to life withautomatic transcription, summary, table of content, closed captioning, topics, and Q&As.

Clip and create bite-sized video shortsfrom any of your long-form video content. Then, instantly share those critical moments with your teams, clients, or students, accessed securely.

Knowledge Assistant makes video management and sharing super easy, secure, and affordable.

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