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Link-building for SEO is a draining, time-consuming & expensive process for new as well as mature site owners. But what if a lot of high-quality link-building opportunities were present on a plate in a single dashboard & you could just ‘accept’ the ones you want? Introducing Linkly– a link-building platform with ever-growing, curated, link-building opportunities. Linkly’s mission is to reduce the time & money it takes to build backlinks, whether you have a new site or a mature old one. It takes time & money to build backlinks. Either you send outreach campaigns & build relationships with high DA/DR site owners (takes 6-11 days & $100+), or you pay exorbitant amounts to get one backlink. Not with Linkly! Browse through a huge list of link-building opportunities, ‘Accept’ what you like & contact them for link exchange or guest blog. Manage campaigns with our productivity tool. Communicate with other site owners, delegate access to teammates or VA & more. Linkly is already solving an important problem for hundreds of SEO marketers, agency owners, and big & small entrepreneurs. So what’s stopping you? Linkly is the missing piece in your link-building puzzle. Get access now!


Communicate with other site owners, delegate access to teammates or VA & more






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