LiveDocs lets you bring live data from your existing tools into your documents

LiveDocslets you bring live data from your existing tools (like Stripe, Google Analytics, Segment) into your documents, so anybody on your team can track vital metrics like retention, MRR, web traffic, etc in under 90 seconds. LiveDocs documents are simple to build and even simpler to share — no code or database-schema-knowledge required!

Save time and money

Bring live ad performance, engagement, and traffic numbers into your reports. Do what you do best, leave the reporting to LiveDocs

Share with clients, or with your team

LiveDocs helps you make documents that impress, not dashboards that bore — all with a few clicks and no code.

Embed your docs

Embed your LiveDocs into your teams Notion or Confluence wikis — or your webpage, if you like — with two clicks.

Works with your stack

Present data from Twitter, Instagram, Stripe, or Google Sheets and more directly to your teams Slack or Email.


Best for: professional users looking for an elegant, dynamic solution to creating smarter documents to drive alignment








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    Lifetime access to LiveDocs Basic Plan

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    All future LiveDocs Basic Plan updates

    60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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