MailVibes: Mail Merge for Gmail (Mass Email + Sequences and more)

MailVibes works like magic for your inbox! Bringing you the best Gmail productivity features in a single Chrome Extension that will help you save stress, money and more importantly time (last time we checked, you can’t buy this last one on any store hehe…). MailVibes turns your Gmail Inbox into a Mass Email Service, experience the power of sending mass email personalized emails with just one click. MailVibes also lets you enable read receipts inside Gmail, allowing you to add the famous checkmark from your favorite messaging apps like WhatsAp ( ✓✓ ) If knowing when and how many times someone has opened your email is not enough, you can also track if someone clicks on the links you sent them 😮 now you can truly feel like James Bond Save hours and do not waste your time typing your frequent emails hundreds of times, MailVibes lets you create email templates and use them with keyword shortcuts Why MailVibes? Email multiple recipients at once without them knowing. Make your recipients feel special. Make sure your emails land in the Inbox. We maximize your email deliverability and send emails directly from Gmail. It’s designed to respect your privacy. MailVibes needs only minimal permissions to run, contrary to other mail merge extensions. Get access now!





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