Tired of Googling your website to see if anyone has mentioned you online somewhere? Tackle bad word of mouth as it happens. Or amplify good word of mouth as it happens. Receive an email notification every time your website is mentioned online and track every mention in real-time. Monitor site visits and find out which links drive the most traffic to your website. Digital Marketer? Don’t waste time on the wrong links. Instead, track inbound traffic from different sources and focus on getting mentions that bring value. Show your clients that you’re on top of things. Startup Founder? You’ll be the first to know when TechCrunch or a tech blogger is talking about your site. Real-time alerts mean you can get the most out of press hits as they happen. Blogger? Engage with your community. Real-time email notifications means that you can leverage great press by sharing it with your community as soon as it happens. Business Owner? Great reviews deserve a response and negative reviews can be resolved if you act fast. You’ll be notified everytime someone reviews and links to your site. Agency? Offer a simple, yet powerful, solution to your clients and keep track of their website mentions and inbound traffic stats. Contact us for custom packages.





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