More Good Jobs: An Entrepreneur's Action Plan to Create Change in Your Community

Influence your city to become a startup hub with better jobs for everyone

The power of entrepreneurship extends beyond shiny business cards and hooking your friends up with free stuff. (“Wow, another branded fidget spinner… you shouldn’t have.”)

New businesses create more good jobs in the community, plus bring in the best minds to help your city thrive—but not every city offers the best resources for startups.

Looking for a way to help local entrepreneurs grow their companies and turn your community into a magnet city?

Sit down with More Good Jobs.

Learn the mechanisms that turn a city into a thriving startup hub

Get a step-by-step guide to becoming a connector and influencing your city
Discover the levers you can pull to impact your city’s success (without being rich or powerful)


More Good Jobs: An Entrepreneur’s Action Plan to Create Change in Your Community is an ebook that explains exactly how cities become startup hubs, and what you can do to influence this change in your own community.


More Good Jobs is written by major job creator and entrepreneur Martin Babinec.

Martin started his own business in Silicon Valley and grew it into a multi-billion dollar company, and he’s analyzed which forces were at play to help him with his success.

This ebook shows you what makes Silicon Valley so conducive to startups from the perspective of someone who started his own business there, and lets you use that knowledge to your advantage.

Learn from Martin Babinec’s experiences building a multi-billion dollar company in Silicon Valley!

Community dynamics are key for supporting new businesses.

More Good Jobs dives into the differences between cities that attract talent and create jobs—magnet cities—and cities that send bright minds elsewhere—talent exporting cities.

Once you see how city dynamics are at play for starting and growing companies, you’ll be able to influence your own community to help local entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

More Good Jobs is your playbook for turning your community into a magnet city, with enough great work to go around.

Make your own community into a magnet city for more high-paying jobs!

If you’re looking for a way to make a positive economic impact on your community, More Good Jobs is for you.

This ebook is great for both people starting their own business or searching for a way to support local entrepreneurs that doesn’t involve buying enough goodies to ruin any diet. (“These cupcakes for the greater good.”)

All the brightest minds shouldn’t just be shipping out to places with super high rent, and now you’ll understand how to help bring them back, creating great jobs in the process.

Essential reading for people looking to make a meaningful impact on their local economies!

The “brain drain” isn’t just something zombies do when they rise from the grave. (But you do need a plan for that, too.)

It’s the very real flowing of bright minds from smaller cities to areas with more jobs and resources available to them.

You can help make your own community into a place that attracts talent and creates jobs, instead of one that lets them slip away like 99 proverbial red balloons.

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