Track your team’s productivity without being nosy is a non-intrusive time-tracking tool that doesn’t make your employees feel uneasy, thus boosting their focus and productivity.

Still snapping screenshots to track what your employees are doing when they work?

Your employees may be okay with it, but deep inside, these are what they’re saying: I hope my employer trusts me that I’m doing my job! Ugh, I hate the screenshot pop-ups every 10 minutes. It’s so distracting! It’s stressful doing my tasks. I feel like somebody’s watching me.

You may understand how they feel, but time-tracking is important.

This admin task lets you measure how fast your team finishes projects, know what things you need to improve on, and accurately bill your clients based on the tasks accomplished.

So you feel like you can’t do anything about it. But now, you finally can with OneOffice.

Get access to OneOffice today!


Best for: Organizations who need to track their staff’s time, have that needs strictly followed, and create reports for billing






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