Other Perspectives

Powerful insights to fuel your social media strategy

Struggling to monitor your brand, campaigns, and influencers across social networks? Want to build an audience that actively engages with your content?

No need to rely on competitors or slog for weeks to see what’s working and what’s not. Other Perspectivesis a powerful social analytics tool that consolidates insights in a user-friendly dashboard.

Use Other Perspectives if you want to:

Grow social presence– Keep an eye on your competitors and see what campaigns lead to their maximum growth.

Develop content strategies– Monitor stats to see what your competitors are posting on their platforms.

Improve performance– Identify what makes a post viral and use actionable insights to boost engagement.

Generate in-depth reports– Get customizable and downloadable reports in minutes to impress your clients and managers.

Run competitive analysis– Create modular dashboards with the KPIs you need.

Benchmark social pages– Evaluate and benchmark pages to create a solid digital strategy.

Within minutes, you can set up a simple dashboard that will show your data in an easy-to-understand format via graphs and charts.

Compare yourself to the rest of your industry, rank your affiliated properties, and find out other powerful accounts across all the key social networks.

Other Perspectives gives you analytics on all of the major social media players including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter(coming soon) and YouTube (coming soon).

You can even customize your reports, choosing a specific graph or insight, and adding custom notes and logos.

With their all-in-one social analytics tool, measure your impact with social media campaigns, and make smart decisions.

Their world-class analytics analyze your audience to tell you exactly who they are. You’ll straightaway understand their interests, affinities, and preferences – and follow how they evolve over time.

For just $59 for this lifetime deal, their Pro plan is perfect to manage up to 20 profiles. Get access today!


Improve performance – Identify what makes a post viral and use actionable insights to boost engagement




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