Project planning meets mind mapping

Project planning meets mind mapping. Podamakes creating beautiful visual roadmaps easy. Our intuitive interface allows you to map your ideas big or small, quickly and beautifully. From project planning, to brainstorming, to managing course notes, to marketing plans, to keeping your thoughts organised and staying focused on what matters most, to creating epic visual roadmaps… Poda is where it’s at. Originally built to support modern product development workflows like Opportunity Solutions Trees, OKRs, and GIST planning, Poda’s visual roadmaps help keep you on the path towards your product’s north star. But Poda is not only great for product management — it’s also great for any type of planningand helps put the “why” before the “what” when it comes to visualising dependancies and highlighting the shortest path forward to meet each of your goals. Don’t wait try if for yourself at poda.ioor check out our roadmap if you want to see what’s upcoming. Get access to Poda now!





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