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All-in-one bundle for Notion workspace to easily comply with GDPR

I’ve compiled my privacy knowledge to build this dashboard and simplify GDPR to get compliant in a few hours ⏱ Who’s this dashboard for? For founders, startups and content creators located in the EU or dealing with the personal data of people in the EU, like for instance when: πŸͺ Your website uses cookies πŸ’Œ You collect email addresses for your newsletter πŸŽ‰ People have paid accounts to access your product What’s inside? πŸ—‚ 4 customizable records to demonstrate your compliance πŸ’Œ 26 ready-to-use templates πŸ›  5 legal document generators πŸŽ₯ 9 explainer videos πŸ“‹ A checklist to guide you step by step What’s the promise? 🎯 Achieve GDPR compliance Get access to pre-build templates, extensive checklists, structured records, and an actionable toolbox essential to implement the GDPR. 🧐 No more guess work I guide you through every step of the way with comprehensive video explainers to ensure you don’t miss out on anything important. πŸŽ– Build reputation & trust Show your customers how you keep their data safe with Privacy and Cookie Policies, sub-processors lists and Data Processing Agreements. Get access now!





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