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Reviews make or break your client’s first impression. They impact up to 30%of local search engine optimization and help you stand out against competition with authentic recommendations. They are also a pain to collect. Most happy clients never leave a review. This leaves your Google or Facebook page a collection of one-off negative experiences and misunderstandings. QReviewsremoves the friction of reviewing local businesses, creating a fully-custom mobile feedback page that’s only a QR code scan away. Your feedback page can include a personalized thank you, filter negative reviews to your private email inbox, and ask folks who respond positively to leave you a review. We then take them directly to your review pages, removing the friction of searching and inevitably leaving your 5-star review on your similarly named competition’s review page. Handling the marketing for multiple businesses? Now you can manage each businesses custom feedback page and QR code through one easy to use portal. Feedback Page Walkthrough

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