Track important things from your menubar with analytics and alerts

Keeping track of various metrics on multiple browser tabs is time-consuming and tiring.

How bout checking important metrics at one place from anywhere in your system? Radar helps you do that with a mouse0click or keyboard shortcut.

Check – video demo.

Radar works on macOS, Windows, & Linux. You don’t need to create an account anywhere to use Radar. You can simply install and start using it. Your data doesn’t leave your device. Radar is secure & privacy-focused.

Threshold desktop notifications can alert you when your data crosses a specific value.

Line charts are available for all metrics for historical analytics.

Add data to Radar from an ever-growing list of ready-made installersor you can add any API. Radar is flexible.

No experience with API’s? You can request a 1-click installer for your requirement. 1-click installers are available for various services.

You can further customize the data you display or the logic for notifications with JavaScript.

Get lifetime access to Radarnow!


No account needed. No data leaves your device.






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