Sales.Rocks Sales Playbook

You have all these fancy sales apps but no idea about sales itself – let’s get you leveled up!

From the founders that brought youSales.Rocks — The Sales.Rocks Sales Playbookprovides a basic understanding for modern sales professionals. Our Team has 5+ years of expertise in Sales Automation and Growth-Hacking.

Sales Consultants can use it to level up their game for SaaS sales playbooks, while Sales Development Representatives can get a better understanding of the entire sales process beyond. Account Executives get to learn how to prevent closing and working with timelines to really get towards a close. For tech founders without a commercial background this is a great resource to get to know the entire sales process:

  • How to create your Ideal Customer Profiles
  • A Sales Process blueprint
  • Understanding the Prospecting process to fill your funnel
  • The Discovery Process and Call
  • The Demo and Process
  • How to Close effectively so that your pipeline does not stall.

The course uses an interactive Sales Playbook worksheet. P.S. The best part: Get your LinkedIn certificate after completion!

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