Samdock CRM

The simplest CRM for small and mid-sized growing businesses

Samdock is the most practical and easy-to-understand CRM system that you can get your hands on. Remember all those tools and buttons you never clicked to avoid messing things up? Well, you don’t need to worry about those any more.

The highly intuitive and straightforward features in Samdock make you feel in control, so you can relax and manage those extremely important clients, prospects, sales, you name it! Engineered specifically for small and medium-sized companies, Samdock is not Only the backbone for Sales management, but also vital for taking care of existing Clients and Contacts.

Simple but significant! Imagine you’re in a car that you’ve owned for a while, and then suddenly BOOM! You’re alone in the Cockpit of a flying plane, with all those buttons and lights blinking at you. Where would you feel more comfortable? Obviously, with something you can understand and work with. That something is Samdock. So, get your lifetime access to Samdock now! and rest assured, you’ve made the right choice.

The comparison with the Jet can be taken out if needed.

Overview is a platform that allows you to create and customize your bio link page to generate revenue by selling products and memberships without paying fees.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Patreon, Twitch—it’s time to combine all of your followings and fans into a single, profitable online presence. is a platform for selling digital content to fans and connecting them to all of your online resources from one convenient link.

You’ll even be able to replace your current payment gateway services, like Gumroad or Kofi, with the platform’s built-in payment processor.

And like adding toppings to your froyo, there are endless widget options for your page you can mix and match. (“Boba, bacon bits, AND peanut butter cups? This place has it all!”)

Customizable link page
Customize your link page’s interface with various URLs, accounts, digital products, and more!

Digital creators often have less luck selling e-commerce products than Bob and Linda do actually selling burgers. (“Burger of the Day: Hate to See You Brie-ve.”)

This one-stop shop allows you to sell premium content, share digital downloads/products, create memberships, collect donations, and more from a singular page.

Also, isn’t a traditional store—meaning that you reap all the benefits and profits without worrying about transaction fees.

Gif of customized landing page
Offer subscriptions, sign ups, and purchases all in one e-commerce space.

For when you’ve got a bigger fanbase than BTS, lets you streamline all of your followers to just one site. (And stan Loona, of course.)

The dashboard gives you the ability to monitor all aspects of your page through one interface, including orders, requests, content offerings, and membership plans.

Plus, customers get to enjoy one-click checkout without opening a new window—which makes it easier for you to successfully sell your products.

Checkout screen
Experience one-click buying and effortless organization of all your digital products!

Beyond products, also provides widgets for you to collect donations and fan requests using monetary plugins such as Stripe and PayPal.

You can customize each offering with unique fill-ins and check boxes to receive fan input or questions. (“Why does this one follower keep asking if they can marry me?”)

Using these tools, it’s easier than ever to create and sell products like guides, checklists, consultations, and more.

Donation creation screen offers multiple models for income, including content subscriptions and donations.

Don’t let your revenue get lost among your links like a stray Lego block—move all your content to one harmonious place instead. (It’s convenient and doesn’t hurt your feet! Win-win.)

With on your side, your bio link puts in the work for you.

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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