A URL shortener which can split your traffic between multiple pages

Splitmatis a URL shortener which can split your traffic between multiple pages. It also appends a specific UTM_ID parameter to your URLand then syncs with Google Analytics to compare conversions, page load time, etc. It’s really easy to use, requires no code change, and works with any existing website builderlike WordPress, WIX, or custom-built websites. So how does it work? Step 1: Create a couple of landing pages with your favorite landing page builder. Step 2: Splitmat will generate a short link (e.g. splitmat.me/ABC or your custom domain). Use this short link on social media, emails, and on any other marketing campaign. Step 3: Whenever someone clicks on this link, we will redirect it to one of your landing pages. Splitmat will split your traffic evenly. Step 4: We then sync with Google Analytics and generate an easy-to-read report. Splitmat is great for A/B tests, but it can also be used effectively as a custom domain URL shortener as well as used to track emails & track clicks. Get access to Splitmat now!


Best for: Anyone who wants a URL shortener that can split your traffic between multiple pages


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