AI Video Translator: Translate Any Video and Stream it to the World

Streamris the ONLYdesktop-app multilingual video and audio transcription and translator with BUILT-IN LIVE STREAMING TECHNOLOGY. Some of these features include automatic transcribing, automatic translation, overlay subtitles, and automatic audio translation. Streamr uses AI and a UN-style voiceover method.Select the accent, dialect, and style from 270+voices available in the software. Google Wavenet Voices is integrated and gives you a choice of converting your videos in any language you love and supporting multiplespeech voices in one video. Going global is not optional anymore — it’s the ONLYway forward. Check out these demo videos hereand here! Tap into BILLIONSof people who don’t speak English in just 5 easy steps. Get access to Streamr now!


Built-In Live Streaming Technology Makes Your Video Go Viral On YouTube, Facebook ,Twitch,…





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