Supplysail PIM

Catalog Management Software For SMB Retailers, Fully automate your marketplace listing activities

Supplysail PIM is a powerful SMB catalog management software that allows retailers to manage, create, modify, and export product catalogs with as few clicks as possible.

Supplysail PIM is the best way to create, enrich and share your product information. It is easy to collect and share product information with your websites, clients, or e-commerce platforms.

Data Modeling- Standardized and reusable templates for product content creation to improve quality and consistency.

Digital Asset Management – Seamlessly store and manage the images, videos, and documents that come in from your various stakeholders.

Content Governance – Sell across channels from websites, e-commerce platforms, to B2B marketplaces.

Smart Filters – Cut through the clutter and find exactly the product or assets you’re looking for with smart filters.

Seamless Integrations – Easily integrate with online marketplaces, ERP, retail aggre-gators, and other ecommerce tech stack to scale your business.

Process Automation – Automatically identify content issues in products and assign it to relevant owner for updating.


Seamlessly connect with 500+ marketplaces


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