Online automation transcription with a built-in powerful, feature-rich, and clean editing platform

Taptionis an online AI transcription software. We take care of the whole workflow for you, and we specialize in creating videos & audios with captions. Check out some of the features below: 1) Personal dictionaryincluded to minimize future editing. 2) Customized editing platformincluded to give the layout you need. 3) Comes with time-stamped editing platform and story timelinethat allows you to adjust the time for transcriptions. 4) Directly trim the videoby removing the transcription content. 5) Output different formats. (srt, txt, pdf, vtt, mp4) 6) Output MP4 with subtitles. (Supports 30+ translations and bilingual subtitles) 7) Allows organization owners and administrators to invite users to their workspace to share videos and minutes. Get access to Taption today!


Comes with labeling for managing your uploaded videos and transcriptions


Insights to help you better manage your portfolio.

Measure your Portfolio Performance Beanvest allows you to easily benchmark the performance of your portfolio. It compares it with any index (for example the S&P 500) by simulating an investment each time you buy or sell assets in your portfolio. Visualize your portfolio allocations You will be able to see your portfolio allocations by asset type, country, currency, etc. Enjoy accessing many more insights into your investment portfolios with Beanvest!

Clear, striking visual representations help with overall comprehension.

Many more tools for investors Beanvest offers many more tools to help you become a better investor, such as a very easy-to-use and visual stock valuation tool using Discounted Cash Flows. You will also be able to find financial information on any asset, such as fundamental data, earnings, dividends, insider purchase/sales, etc. Beanvest Investing Community Join the Beanvest Investing Community to meet fellow investors and help improve Beanvest.

We’re always adding and upgrading Beanvest to make it even better!

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