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What is it? Busy is for professionals who want to be more responsive to clients & colleagues whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With Busy, you can pre-set email responses for times that you’re away from your inbox. It helps you focus instead of worrying about your emails and advises people trying to get hold of you that you’re not available. Who’s it for? Busy is a game-changer for people who work part-time or have flexible working arrangements. If you’re a working parent struggling to remember to put your Out-of-Office on when it’s your time to look after the kids, then you’ll love Busy. How does it work? Busy makes your Out-of-Office visual, easy to set and repeatable by using your calendar to set your AutoReply. Think about it; you plan your life in your calendar, and it’s as easy as adding an event, writing a short message, and forgetting about it. Busy will respond to anyone that emails you during that period. Pretty cool, right? Check out our website for a better overview. Anything Else? Yes, you need to have a G Suite admin account or have someone with an admin account to allow access to your domain. It’s easy, so don’t worry, we just wanted to let you know. Get access to Busy today!


Curation made easy! Manage content in the browser & publish collections to your website, newsletter, and social channels

Kurator plugin scrapes information off the pages you want to save and lets you edit and add important meta information.

Curation defers from bookmarking in the sense that it allows you to add important information like personal comments, and useful meta tags like an author, publisher, date, and content tags that allow you to add your intent for saving this specific post.

The meta information makes it easier for you to find what you have saved, and reuse it for other purposes.

Many web pages, including web-based documents, or social media posts do not have meta information saved with the page.

Kurator allows you to add all that information to each post, so you can easily index and reuse it.

Once you save a link, the Kurator icon will change. By clicking on the Kurator icon, you can then read your notes.

In case you are sharing your folders with your team, the saved signal makes it easy for you to view the notes saved for that page by your team.

Search your tags per folder to find the information you are looking for. Use the columns to sort your content.

The tag search bar is a very useful feature as it makes it easy for you to quickly find the information you are looking for in context.

As your collections grow, and you are managing tens or even hundreds of links per collection, the search function here will save you a lot of time looking for information.

You can now easily eliminate tab clutter and access your project links and research in context, by quickly filtering and accessing all of your links in context.

Kurator offers two views: Card view and list view. In card view, you can filter your posts by clicking on your tags.

The visual card view makes it easy to see your images along with your post. In card view, you can also easily and quickly filter your posts by clicking on the content tags, author, and publisher in your post and quickly filter and see your bookmarks in context.

With Card view, you can also see how your published content will look visually on your website, newsletter, or social channels

use the search bar to search your entire collection and find information in context.

Search your bookmarks in context

After a while, your bookmark collections grow, and keyword search will show you the occurrences of your search terms in the context of where they are stored in your bookmark tree.

Share your folders with your co-workers or clients by simply adding their email to the folder.

The share feature makes it easy for teams to contribute content to the same folder and work off of the same research pool.

People who share the folder are in control of everyone’s content and can delete and edit that content.

All contributors can only manage and edit their own content, but they can search and access everyone’s content.

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  • Lifetime access to Kurator Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Kurator Plan updates
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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