The SQL Freedom Course

Learn How To Automatically Generate Almost Any Sql Query For Your Projects. Using A Free To Use No-code Tool And Some Short No-fluff Video Lessons. Some of the benefits you get from this course – WooCommerce store owners, easily bypass the slow&complex admin panel and create powerful sql queries. Create your own library of sql queries you can re-use. Massive time saver! Load multiple CSVs into an Excel workbook and analyze them quickly to get insights into your business. No need to have Excel installed! Stop waiting for your data analyst/colleague to help you write queries. Some cool things I’ve been able to accomplish quickly and painlessly using this no-code tool. I was able to solve quite a few customer issues using custom sql queries on my backend, Much faster than doing it in Excel! I use sql queries to clean up my email lists. I have a few niche sites, which run on WordPress. I can now directly query my database. [I find it’s much faster and easier than using the web based backend, plus I have a growing library of sql queries for my WordPress sites – so I just need to re-run most of those queries again] I auto generated a massive list of places to search for possible customer watering holes, using a cool sql technique which I feel many pros are not aware of.




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