Resumes are expensive. Don’t lose any resumes. Tobu provides the Easiest and Fastest Way to identify, extract and build your Own Internal Candidate Database.

Tobu Email Resume Extractor

Use Tobu’s AI tool to extract all the Resumes from your Email by just linking your Email to Tobu ( Gmail/ Outlook 365 etc) and build it into a searchable database.

How Tobu Works:

1. Link Gmail/ Outlook/ Other Email To Tobu

2. Tobu’s AI automatically Extracts Resumes and Parses them.

3. Tobu sends you a Parsed Candidate Extract of all your candidates

4. Tobu sends you a zip file of all the resumes extracted

5. Backup your Extracted Resumes to your Desktop/ ATS

6. You can then optionally choose to upgrade to backup, search and reach out to your candidates on Tobu’s web/ desktop interface.


1. It works only on English Language Resumes

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