Towards Personal Productivity

Learn the top approaches and tools for enhanced personal productivity

The modern world is rapidly changing today, with the result that many things are getting left behind or not taken care of properly — important things like our health, our family, our personal time, our mood, and our personal interests. To cope with modern challenges, you need to become more productive and a lot more efficient. Productivity is a major competitive advantage on a professional and a personal level. Its absence becomes a radical problem that should be addressed without delay! Personal productivity is not a set of shortcuts or hacks that make you instantly effective, and there is no magic formula to guarantee that if you do [THIS], [THAT] will happen. Productivity is a mindset, a discipline, and a set of strategies to help you reach your goals. Towards Personal Productivity was designed to be a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide for anyone who wants to bring about specific changes in his/her life and achieve his/her goals without compromise in his/her life.


Best for: Entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers who want to achieve a work-life balance


Towards Personal Productivity Book – Learn proven strategies to increase personal productivity

Towards Personal Productivity – Book Contents

Covey’s Time Management Matrix – An approach you should adopt in your everyday workflow

The SMART Criteria Framework for setting better goals

Time Blocks for better time and work organization

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