VideoMark is a Chrome extension, it is a simple tool that can help you take notes on videos.

VideoMark is a better video note-taking experience! Easy to use and safe, as a small helper for you to record wonderful moments while watching videos. VideoMark is a Chrome extension that can help you take notes on YouTube. Drawing marks and taking notes on Youtube: VideoMark offers simple and intuitive drawing tools to take notes on the video to point things out of the frame directly. Save screenshots and subtitles: Great for learning and recording the important part of the videos for everyone. Useful speed control and A-B loop: For some video tutorials, playback speed control and A-B loops are useful tools Autosave to Google Drive: All notes and drawings are automatically saved to your Google Drive. Use tags to organize notes: All notes will be saved in one place. Intuitive UX/UI: VideoMark is very easy, intuitive, and understandable for all kinds of users. Multiple language support: We have supported 11 languages. Privacy and security: We don’t own your notes or videos and we’ll never show you an ad or sell your information. Get access now!


Intuitive drawing tools to take notes on your videos






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