Waldo Photo Manager

Easily share photos within your community with Waldo’s Photo Manager.

What happens to all of your company’s photos taken by your internal team, outside photographers, and employees?

More than likely they are scattered across hard drives, SD cards, and online storage services or buried in never-to-be found emails, texts, or former employee laptops, never to be seen by those who were photographed or utilized by marketing. You know these photos have so much potential for social media, marketing materials, customer and employee engagement, recognition, and more. And without them you’re currently stuck with reusing the same old photos or licensing photos which aren’t authentic and lose the power of engagement these photos will create if in the hands of those featured in them. Welcome toWaldo’s Photo Managerwhere all photos taken at your events are automatically sorted by person and delivered to them via text alerts.

Unlock the power of facial recognition driven, photo management and mobile delivery to get more value from your content.

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