Yabbu App

Share an interactive agenda and have most of the items finished before the meeting even starts!

Yabbu makes it easy to get people prepared for your meetings and to create perfect documentation effortlessly

Do you recognize the problem that meetings take ages and that participants show a lack of accountability? Yabbu fixes this. Share an action-oriented agenda in an instant and let the participants discuss topics, add tasks, make decisions and close agenda items well before the meeting. All in writing.

Doing so, there will be more time for complex matters, for which they bring more quality to the table. Just add the latest notes during the meeting. Writing minutes belongs to the past. And no more ducking.

✅. Communicate before the meeting starts – like Slack but with agenda items instead of channels

✅. Read easily through all the new content – as you are used to from other communication apps

✅. Timebox during the live meeting – a counter shows per agenda item how much time is left

✅. Invite anyone to your meetings – because participating in Yabbu meetings is always free

Do you want to improve your meetings? Looking for ways to engage participants? Create more accountability for tasks and decisions? And save time? Get everyone on the same page. Get Yabbu’s super 1 Year Deal today!





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