Ready for a Digital Declutter? With a click of a button, you could save up to 48.5% of your Google Drive storage space! Stop lugging around old files in Google Drive, and wasting valuable time searching through subfolders. So how’s it work? Click a button, and we show you the exact makeup of your Google Drive in a handy Sunburst chart. Get instant insights into what is eating up your Google Drive storage. In just 10 minutes, you can stop lugging around old files, and feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where everything is in your Drive. DriveStats gives you unparalleled insight into the types of files in your Google Drive account, and how much space they are taking up. Drive storage fees add up – especially for people who keep a lot of video or photography in the cloud. Why pay for storage when you can just clean up your Drive and lower your Drive subscription fees. Plus, you’ll save a boatload of time. 10 minutes per day trying to find the right files & folders equals 5 wasted hours per month! No loading, no spinners, just clicks. Give yourself a digital declutter today!

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