Email Architect

An unparalleled all-in-1 email writing system made to help you write emails easier, faster & better

Email Architectprovides a complete system to re-think the way you brainstorm, plan, and write e-mails.

Built with Notion, Email Architect is the first of its kind; a workspace for any type of business sending emails regularly, from brand promotions and sales blast emails to value-packed newsletters.

Enter Email Architect…

Email Architect gives you an entire dashboard filled with all the things you need for your email marketing

Write better emails; store templates, components, or subject lines; map out sequences, and lay out entire email strategies


Consolidate and streamline your email marketing by hosting everything in one single place.

Email Architect gives you an entire dashboard filled with all the things you need for your email marketing.

It also offers writers more control of their creative processes to not only write better emails, but to store templates, components, and subject lines; map out sequences; and lay out entire email strategies… all from one digital place.

It’s as easy as drag & drop!

Use the Drag & Drop Email Builder to write your emails or sequences.

You can utilize all the email components and blocks that are included.

Variety, as they say, truly is the spice of life, after all.

No matter your role, Email Architect has something for you.

Solopreneurs, teams, agencies, and more all will enjoy the ability to collaborate on writing emails and campaigns in real-time.

Schedule and monitor like a pro!

We all know just how important analytics are to measuring success and efficacy in every industry and line of work.

It’s no different when it comes to the world of email marketing.

Email Architect helps you automatically import analytics for all the emails you send, giving you an in-depth tool to analyze and optimize your strategies on an ongoing basis.

Let Email Architect revolutionize your email-writing game today.

You won’t find a more efficient system out there when it comes to email writing, marketing, and analysis.

Prepare to be amazed by just how many hours of time you’ll save by writing emails faster, easier, and better.

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