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Documenting a process and creating a detailed step-by-step guide used to take hours… but not anymore

Whenever you’ve had to document a process and create a detailed step-by-step guide, it usually takes hours, if not days. Until now! FlowShare Expressgives you the superpower to document hundreds of processes at scale and never have to manually document (ever) again! FlowShare is a smart and time-saving Windows appthat automatically documents any click of your software process for an effortless creation of beautiful step-by-step guides. It captures every click and screen, automatically creating text instructions for every action. Save hours of work by not having to blur sensitive data on individual screenshots, as FlowShare identifies the element you want to blur in every step of the process and blurs all sensitive data at once. When you are ready to share your new guide, select the export format of your choice: PDF or HTML. No matter who creates the guides on your team, the documentation will have a professional and standardized look. Use it for onboarding, handovers, support, in-house training, or finally showing your parents how to use the computer – share your Flow! Get access to this FlowShare Express – Plus exclusive today!


FlowShare works with any web or desktop application on your Windows computer





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