Fix broken Amazon affiliate links/tags, and identify unavailable products and invalid product links

Broken Amazon affiliate links and tags can lead to significant commission losses for bloggers and content creators.

But how can you find and fix them?

WithHetrolinks— that’s how!


Hetrolinks also provides actionable insights so you can improve performance


Find and fix — within seconds, no less!

Broken links are killing your affiliate revenue!

Hetrolinks is the fastest and easiest way to find and repair affiliate links today.

Whatever broken links are out there, we’ll help you find and fix them.

Hetrolinks can help bloggers and content creators identify and fix broken Amazon affiliate links and tags in a matter of seconds.

It can also find unavailable/out-of-stock products on Amazon and invalid pages.

Get an email notification when a product becomes unavailable so you can quickly make the necessary changes on your website.

Export all the data in a CSV file.

Hetrolinks will help you increase your Amazon earnings.

Keep track of your Amazon affiliate site portfolio using our one-stop dashboard, which gives you all the data you need to see how well your projects are doing.

It also provides actionable insights so you can improve performance.

Improve performance, and watch your earnings soar!

Ensure you remain in compliance on Amazon with Hetrolinks.

Find and fix broken Amazon affiliate links and tags.

Ensure all your pages have appropriate disclaimers.

Hetrolinks does all this and more to keep you in compliance at all times!

Check out this case study for another great reason to start using Hetrolinks today!

Prevent broken links from killing your revenue.

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